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The Baroque Corner of Swabia

The “Baro­que Cor­ner of Swa­bia” earns its name from the church­es, mona­ste­ries, and palaces magni­ficent­ly deco­ra­ted with marb­le and gold, which make it an unmis­s­able attrac­tion in the fami­ly- and child-friend­ly district of Günz­burg.


Fun for the whole family- Cycling in and around Günzburg

 The per­fect idea for a fami­ly acti­vi­ty at the wee­kend or after a visit to LEGOLAND Ger­ma­ny. This child- and fami­ly-friend­ly regi­on is a gre­at star­ting point for hea­ding out on short or long bike tours. Dis­co­ver the idyl­lic Baro­que cor­ner of Swa­bia by bike. The region’s nume­rous attrac­tions, untouched river land­s­capes, and ide­al­ly laid-out cycle paths make an expe­di­ti­on through Günz­burg and the sur­roun­ding area a real expe­ri­ence.

The rou­tes through the district’s three val­leys are easy to explo­re for fami­lies with child­ren and seni­ors ali­ke. The cycle paths are equal­ly sui­ta­ble for serious ath­le­tes. The Donau Bike Path, which is con­nec­ted to the regio­nal path net­work, is pro­bab­ly the most well-known cycle path in Euro­pe, with a length of ca. 600km, of which 18km runs through the fami­ly- and child-friend­ly district of Günz­burg.

Sin­ce Günz­burg is home to lots of small river val­leys, you can com­bi­ne rou­tes along the Donau bike path with rou­tes along the Kam­mel­tal-Günz­tal bike path. At the same time, our beau­ti­ful “Baro­que cor­ner of Swa­bia” offers a few attrac­tions of its own such as the Church of Our Lady (Frau­en­kir­che) in Günz­burg and Rog­gen­burg Abbey. Ple­n­ty of pret­ty spots and nume­rous sites to see will tempt you onto litt­le detours. Mean­while, warm hospi­ta­li­ty and Bava­ri­an-Swa­bi­an con­vi­via­li­ty await cyclists any­whe­re they can stop for a break.


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